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Publishing Stories of Underrepresented Voices

Through short stories, essays, and poems, 35 women from different age groups, geographic locations, marital status, parenting status, professions, and sexual orientations share their experiences of growth as a result of change.  This inspirational book highlights the strength of women as their life shifts ultimately lead to increased confidence and internal peace.  ($19.95 * 218 pages)

Other Books by MuseWrite Partners

Ida In Her Own Words:  The timeless writings of Ida B. Wells from 1893 (by Michelle Duster)
Includes original writings of Ida B. Wells' section of the pamphlet that was written for and distributed at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.  She explains how unjustly African Americans were treated at the time.  Michelle Duster compares her experiences living in the United States to those of her great-grandmother, Ida B. Wells, one century apart.

Ida From Abroad:  The timeless writings of Ida B. Wells from England in 1894 (by Michelle Duster)
Includes the newspaper articles of Ida B. Wells from England when she went on a four-month speaking tour to tell the British about the realities of lynching.  Michelle Duster compares her experiences living in the United States to those of her great-grandmother, Ida B. Wells, one century apart.

In Her Skin: Growing Up Trans (by Trina Sotira)
eBook 2012
Paperback release: April 2016

On the outside, Tirzah has everything: a best friend who adores her and the potential of a full-ride soccer scholarship. But to Tirzah none of it matters since she's stuck in the body of a girl. Struggling to hide her feelings for her best friend, Heidi, and fighting to cover up her female body, Tirzah realizes the only path to happiness is to transition. But the change could mean losing Heidi, the scholarship, and her parents' acceptance. When Tirzah starts to live as Troy, Heidi's family forbids the friendship. That's when Heidi goes missing. Troy must find Heidi, and, ultimately, himself.

Charlotte Mandel

mariana mcdonald
MK Miller
Rita Moe
Carole Ann Moleti
Amy Nolan
Nancy Poling
Kara Provost
Gigi Rosenberg
Wendy L. Schmidt

Trina Sotira
Patti Capel Swartz
Marianne Taylor
Oubria Tronshaw
Susan Winstead
Marilyn Zelke-Windau
Thelma Zirkelbach

Tate and His Historic Dream
(by Bernard C. Turner and Michelle Duster)

Tate put off writing his fourth grade history paper until the last minute and would still rather play outside with his friends than work on the paper. While staring blankly at a picture that includes a group of people who made an impact on the history of the United States, he suddenly finds himself interacting with them. Through interesting dialogue and questions, Tate learns how these historic figures worked together or influenced each other. As a result of his experience, he is motivated to learn more and feels that he, too, can make a difference.

Katie Anderson
Danita Berg
Deborah Burch-Lavis
Jessica Caudill
Hannah Cook Cross

Michelle Duster
Helena C. Eke
Pat Feeney
Brandy French
Stephanie Gates
Elizabeth Gauffreau
Jessica Glover
Theo Greenblatt
Loren Hecht
Lois Marie Harrod

Jen Cullerton Johnson

Ronna Magy
Susan Mahan