(L-R) Trina Sotira, Michelle Duster, Oubria Tronshaw, Jessica Glover

Book Launch
Saturday, March 14, 2015
Oak Park Library - Oak Park, IL

(L-R) Rita Moe, Michelle Duster, Trina Sotira (back), Thelma Zirkelbach (front) Marianne Taylor, Amy Nolan

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Publishing Stories of Underrepresented Voices

(L-R)  Marianne Taylor, Michelle Duster, Trina Sotira, Oubria Tronshaw, Stephanie Gates, Susan Winstead, Jessica Glover and Pat Feeney

Shifts writers and editors with Mary L. Swopes - President / CEO of Mahogany Heritage Foundation
Top Row (L-R) Loren Hecht, Oubria Tronshaw, Marianne Taylor, Susan Winstead, Susan Mahan, Stephanie Gates
Bottom Row (L-R) Amy Nolan, Jessica Caudill, Mary L. Swopes, Trina Sotira, Michelle Duster

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